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Your Landscape & Curb Appeal EXPERTS

Over the years, we have gained significant experience having worked with many satisfied customers, both Residential and Commercial properties. We can handle it all, regardless if it is a huge landscaping project where you need to install a new drought tolerant landscape, clear an area, add trees, require cement work or build a fence, our team has the experience and ideas to make it happen. You can feel confident that we will be making sure the quality of the work will be constantly checked during the entirety of the job, ensuring that the quality and outcome is what you expected.

EXPERTS AT BOTH Residential & Commercial LANDSCAPING

Commercial – Do you need to transform an outdoor space or need an efficient water wise commercial landscaping transformation. You are in luck because Expedition Landscaping can take care of all your needs. You can rest easy knowing that we provide reliable, honest services at fair prices. Simple reach out to us for a Free Consultation. 

Residential – Are you a Homeowner that has landscape plans you want to bring to life or share your ideas with our design team and have us  deliver a perfect landscape project. We have the experience to help you with unique and functional design solutions or we can create one for you. Simple contact us and allow us do the heavy lifting. 

Professional Landscaping Service Providers

Residential & Commercial Properties

Landscape, flower beds, and irrigation systems play essential roles in keeping every property’s yard alive and beautiful. That’s why Expedition Landscaping is committed to offering our valued clients with premium maintenance services.

From residential to commercial properties, we ensure to service every lawn with the type of landscaping that they need. Whether your yard requires cleaning, trimming, or irrigation, we can provide it for you. 

A Wide Variety of Landscaping Services

Expedition Landscaping specializes in everything landscaping from bush cleaning, tree trimming, weed abatement, irrigation, yard cleanup, and more. Our team of committed landscapers that can deliver the job quickly and effectively.

Experience the quality service you deserve! Our team ensures that every maintenance process will run smoothly from the beginning to its completion. We can offer cleaning and maintenance on monthly, weekly, or biweekly schedules.