Superior Landscaping Services

In The Inland Empire

Our team always gives importance to providing the best service possible for every property. That’s why aside from finishing the job quickly the first time, we also make it a point to keep in touch in case you need our help in the future.

At Expedition Landscaping, we don’t leave until our customers are satisfied with the service we’ve provided. Our team of experienced landscapers also works according to our customers’ budget. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, contact us today and schedule an appointment.


Beautiful water wise landscaping solutions

Residential & Commercial

We can take care of all your landscaping needs regardless if you have a residential or commercial property. Expedition Lanndscaping has the experience you need.

A Wide Variety of Lawn Care Offerings

Expedition Landscaping specializes in many lawn care services, some not all are listed below. We can serve as your one-stop company for all your yard needs. Browse our wide variety of offerings below:

  • Defensible Space Clearing – We’ll create a buffer around your home to get it separated from the grass, trees, and shrubs from your yard. This will help keep your property protected from wildfires.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Our team has the right skills and equipment to offer premium quality services. We’ll keep the surroundings of your property clean, safe, and attractive.
  • Landscape Design – Personalize the design of your yard or garden by reaching out to professional landscapers. We can do innovative styles that will surely satisfy your preferences.
  • Tree Trimming and Removal –  Expedition Landscaping also provides tree care services. These include trimming, pruning, and felling/thinning of the greeneries in a built environment.
  • Yard Cleanup – We conduct full yard cleanup for private properties. From stubborn bushes to unshaped plants and trees that don’t go with your garden’s design, we got you covered.
  • Trash Hauling – Part of our service is junk removal. We’ll leave your home without any trace of trash on the property.
  • Irrigation system – Every yard or garden requires high-quality irrigation systems to keep them alive and beautiful. We have trained professionals to start up, maintain, and winterize your irrigation system to ensure it’s fully operational.